Christmas List


This is a part of my Christmas list (it was pretty long this year.)

1. A silk pyjamas (I want a pyjamas every Christmas and a red one would be so pretty.)

2. A box of luxurious chocolates is the perfect gift for me (because I am crazy about it.)

3. This gold cutlery set is something I’ve been wanting for a long time because it’s so gorgeous.

4. American horror story is my favorite show of all time and I want all seasons!

5. I already have a gold watch that I wear a lot so I really want one in silver.

6. I have started doing a little bit of yoga at home but it would help a lot if I had a yoga mat.

7. We already have these mugs in green and I love them. I really want my own mugs and since I love red these would be perfect.

Thanks for reading!


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