Culotte Pants: 3 Ways

As you may know by now the culotte pants are very trendy and I like them more and more as the time goes. Whether you like them or not we can still all agree on that they are tricky to style (especially during cold seasons due to their length.) But thankfully I have some ideas on how to style them (if you do to you are welcome share if you like.)

If needed you can always wear tights underneath.

These first leather culottes are probably my favorite and I paired them with mid calf boots (longer than ankle boots, shorter than knee high boots) and this covers up the showing skin. This is so gorgeous!

These second culottes are a simple black with a sash at the waist. This time I paired the culottes with pumps and these take the outfit to a new level. If you can; wear them without tights but if not go for a sheer pair or even lace.

The last one I paired a pair of denim culottes with thigh high boots. This is my favorite combo and you don’t need to think about tights (unless it’s extremely cold) but either way the tights wouldn’t show anyway.

I hope you like this post!

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