Happy New Year!

This is my new years eve outfit with my new thigh high boots from Asos, new culottes from Mango and a top that I made myself. I paired it with my favorite rhinestone earrings, a bracelet I made many years ago and a clutch I bought second hand and covered with silver fabric (from a skirt.)

Happy new year! Welcome 2017 and goodbye 2016!

It’s been a very eventful year, filled with the best things and the worst things and I feel ready to take on the next year. My mom asked me earlier today what my new years resolutions were and I answered “To keep blogging and not give up on it.” I really mean this because blogging has truly changed my life, especially since people actually read it. So thank for reading my blog and stay tuned for a year with many new blog posts! I have been publishing every day since I started and I will try and continue to do so. If I don’t it’s because I can’t think of a post good enough and I only want to give you the best!

Have an amazing year and I will see you in my next post!


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