Layered Denim

The first thing I saw when I woke up this morning was the blue sky with only a few clouds (not very clearly though because this was before I put in my contact lenses..) and I was so happy. Getting out of bed seemed so much easier although I was very comfortable in my bed. The sun is shining through the window as I’m writing this and I’m so happy that spring is just around corner.

Today I’m wearing a basic v neck from Forever 21 underneath my denim dress bought second hand. I couldn’t decide how or if I should wear my denim shirt over so I decided to show you all three options. I am very happy to say that I’m skipping the denim shirt today because I’m feeling a bit to warm (YAY!), but I really like all three options.

Have an amazing day and enjoy the sun if it’s shining where you are as well!


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