Smart Detail

During fashion week last year I saw photos from one of the shows (I don’t remember which I’m afraid) where they had added a metal circle like mine on to pants; some where empty and others had something hanging from them (I think they were coats or jackets.) I am surprised that this never became a trend because first of all it’s a really cool detail and second it’s super smart. Say you want to take off your lightweight jacket when walking around in a mall, hang it on the metal circle (add it to the back of your jeans or belt if it’s annoying to have in the front.) If you’re tired of carrying a bag with keys, card and phone, find or make a small bag and hang it on to the metal circle. I could go on and on but I think I have written enough already. (wait I just realized that those responsible for a large amount of keys actually have similar metal circles on their belt.. I think it’s time to steal their idea)

Today I’m wearing my newest jeans from Cubus, a black braided belt from Lindex and a metal circle taken from a second hand bag I bought a few days ago. I paired it with my black button up shirt from Forever 21, a skinny scarf, silver rings, the pearl earrings you saw me make yesterday (check it out) and boots from Monki. (Hanging from the metal circle is a lightweight duster from Ginatricot.)

By the way I’m so happy it’s Friday already! I’m going to a second hand store today (possibly two) and hopefully I’ll find something this time.

Have an amazing Friday!


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