Lace and a Hoodie

I woke up this morning super tired as usual but I felt so much better when I heard the birds sing, you know the ones that sing when spring has arrived (don’t know what kind they are though, I don’t really know birds) I do know that among the birds there was a dove, I know that one very well just because it sounds kind of funny (especially when you sing along, not that I have ever done that…)

Enough said about my knowledge when it comes to bird singing, lets move on to the outfit of the day.

Today I mixed styles using a long lace kimono with fringes and a grey hoodie underneath. I paired it with my favorite jeans and lace up booties. I added a choker to give the look something extra and a simple pair of silver earrings.

Have a good Tuesday!


#fashionpsychic #hoodie #lace #jeans #spring

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