DIY: Super easy earrings (and rings)

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have that many variations when it comes to larger stud earrings with the right material it’s super easy to make them yourself. This is a really easy DIY that anyone can make (yes anyone.)

I used silver and gold buttons but you can use anything really as long as it’s not too heavy that is.

I started by cutting off the loop at the back of the buttons using cutters, making sure that it’s flat at the back.

Then you just need to decide where to place your earring posts, in the center or at the top; I placed mine at the top. Glue them on and wait for it to dry before you use them.

Super easy earrings and the’re a lot of fun to make, just think of the endless possibilities!

And you can do the same thing with rings; for one of the rings below I used a coin pendant.

Have fun creating!


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