Wire Wrapping

I just had to share this new hobby of mine; wire wrapping. Specifically wrapping different stones or glass pieces into pendants. I learned to do this on Youtube by watching Yvonne Wiliams and I am so happy that I did. I have seen this kind of technique and jewelry before but I never imagined it could be so much fun to do it. If you like different crafts you should definitely try it out, especially since the results are so satisfying and beautiful.

Below are five pendants that I made:

The first is made with a thick and thin brass wire and the stone is a Rock crystal.

The second is the same type of brass wires as the first and the center is actually glass (presumably from a bottle) that I found in the ocean when I went to Malta last year.

The third is also brass wire and a simple glass cabochon.

The fourth is gold colored copper wire in two sizes and a Hematite.

The fifth is two sizes of silver colored copper wire and a Rose Quartz


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