Military Green & Leaf Earrings (and a prince)

Today my beautiful cat Prinsen (translates to “the Prince”, and he certainly looks like he is) decided he wanted to be in some of the pictures. He is the most perfect looking cat I have ever seen but he might also be kindest. Both him and his sister Lizzie who you joined me in this post are incredibly kind unlike my third cat Spike (she’s a bit of a bully even though she is smaller than both of them, but then again she is older and considers herself to be queen) who joined me in this post. I promise you have now seen all my cats although I wouldn’t mind having a couple more…

Today I’m wearing an old shirt after my dad which I began to alter years ago but I just finished it a couple of weeks ago… I paired it with my cropped flare jeans worn over a pair of fishnet tights. I paired it with my favorite booties and to add something extra I chose my leaf earrings made out of a necklace.

DSC_0065 (12)DSC_0061 (13)DSC_0089 (7)

DSC_0023 (10)
Frida & Prinsen

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