DIY: Pearl Jeans

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 You might have seen these jeans on my Instagram and today I’m going to show you how I made them (not the actual jeans, just the decoration.) I am so pleased with how they turned out and there’s just something so beautiful with pearls on jeans. If you want other colors on your pearls, or if you want rhinestones then go for it, have fun with it!

To make these jeans I used the things in the picture below (and a needle which I forgot to add in the picture.)

The first thing to do is to lay out your jeans and place your pearls the way you want them, I went for a asymmetrical look. I decided not to place any below the knee because it’s impractical (so is placing them on the back obviously, unless you have no intention of sitting..)

If you want to you can put your jeans on to get an idea of where you could place the pearls (and where you shouldn’t.)

Once your happy with how you placed the pearls you can start to make marks with the pen and remove the pearls, I made small dots for the small pearls and bigger dots for the big pearls.

Now comes the time consuming part, sewing on the pearls one by one.. but I promise it’s worth it. I looped the thread twice through the pearls and the jeans and then I tied a couple of knots on the inside of the jeans, and then I did the same thing with the rest of the pearls.

And like I said it will all be worth it in the end!


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