DIY: Statement Feather Earring

I was unsure from the beginning whether this earring would just look like a mess and maybe it does a little bit but somehow it works. I can imagine this earring is not for everyone but if you like unique statement pieces or you would just like to know the process; keep reading.

When I began to make this I did have some idea of what I wanted it to look like but I wasn’t sure of what I would incorporate. These are the things are the ones I ended up using:

The first thing I did was to take my feather trim, cut two pieces and then wrap them around the aluminum wire. I bent the ends to keep the trims in place.

Then I bent the wires to shorten them and to give it more volume and then I tied the red ribbon and cut it off leaving a piece hanging.

Then I wrapped some wire around and added the red feather.

Then I cut off a piece of wire and created a loop by twisting the wire. Make sure you have some wire left at the end of the loop so that you can attach it.

Then I wrapped the ends of the loop around the whole piece.

Finally I added the ear hook and the jump ring. Then I tried it out and adjusted the loop to make sure the earring would hang the way I wanted it to.

That was it and I’m so excited to wear it, I’ll probably create some outfits to give you an idea of what sort of looks I had intended it to be a part of, but this is it for now.


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