Beautiful Gifts

DSC_0013 (7)

Yesterday was an amazing day that I will never forget! Me, my family and close relatives had party at my grandparents house and we had an amazing time with good food, wine and champagne. I can’t believe how many gifts I got, it was like Christmas. Thank you so much, I love them all and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world!

DSC_0002 (9)DSC_0019 (7)DSC_0048 (8)DSC_0047 (7)

On the way home from the party we picked up a Zara package with these gorgeous shoes below and an asymmetrical blouse. Since we’re going out for dinner tonight I’m gonna wear both pieces and I’ll show you pictures of the outfit tomorrow.

DSC_0054 (7)

Have a lovely day!



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