Packing for Malta: New Things

I have finally started a packing list for Malta and I have few new things to take with me. I am still waiting for these sandals but other than that I have everything I need. I am planning to start putting together outfits today and also considering what beauty products to take with me.

In the pictures:

  1. My new gold iPhone case from H&M.
  2. My new bikini also from H&M
  3. My new sequin dress from Asos
  4. My new one shoulder top from Asos (and my beautiful necklace from andeliusgribbe)
  5. My new sandals from Daisy Street
  6. A chambray playsuit, a blueish grey lace cami and a turquoise dress.

DSC_0049 (12)DSC_0044 (14)DSC_0042 (13)DSC_0039 (13)DSC_0030 (12)DSC_0029 (14)DSC_0025 (14)

DSC_0008 (17).JPGIt seems there is a theme among the things I am taking with me which is completely unintentional but it’s a really good thing. When everything you bring matches it’s so much easier to think of things to wear.

Have a lovely day!


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