Flat Mules: The Shoes I Wanted Were Already Mine

I Needed To Buy A Pair Of Mules

That’s truly how it started and I found these among many others. All though the’re within my price range I’m trying to avoid shopping to much. I also don’t really “need” them but from a shoe lover’s point of view I kinda do.. Anyway, so my point is that I wanted/needed a pair of flat pointed mules (if not for anything else to lounge around in at home.) I couldn’t purchase a pair no matter how little they cost so I started thinking (as always…) I asked myself how can I make my own pair of mules. And that’s when I got my brilliant idea that actually worked out the way I had imagined.

A Mule Is Basically Any Shoe With An Open Heel

So what was this brilliant idea? I was going through my shoes in my head trying to think of a pair that I could turn into mules. After a while I thought of my pointed flat buckle shoes from Zara (they where standing on the floor in the closet waiting to be sold.) I realized they where perfect and so I began planning the DIY for tomorrow. After doing all the cutting (which is just as scary every time, I’m so scared that I’ll ruin the shoes.) I thought of an old post of mine. It was this post about three shoe trends, one of them being mules. In it I had written “They are basically any shoe with an open heel” and it was so perfect for the remaking of these shoes. I literally just took any shoe and cut off the heel part.

More Mules And My Outfit

In case you would like to purchase a similar pair I found these patent leather ones from Yoins. My mules originally looked like this. I paired my “new” mules with a black skirt and a black top. Over this I layered one of the things I got on Malta; a cropped mesh t-shirt. Finally over the mesh top I added a button up blouse, but I wore it like a vest. I also added my silver spiral earring which you can see how I made here. The bag I’m holding in the pictures was made from an old fur hat, and I like to use it all the time.

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