Wearing A Wrap Dress Like A Kimono

The Wrap Dress I Wore On My Birthday

You’ve already seen my kimono/wrap dress because I wore it on thursday last week. Because I love it so much I decided to wear it on my birthday as well but this time I wore it like a kimono over dark blue jeans and a lace cami. I paired it with a black choker, feather hoops and flat mules.

If you didn’t know this already; it was my birthday yesterday and I had a busy but wonderful day. My day started with breakfast in bed and beautiful gifts along with two people (my parents) and two cats in my bed. Then we made our way to the couch where we drank coffee and did some online shopping.

After deciding on an outfit I got ready and took some photos before my cousins and my aunt arrived. There was lots of cake, coffee and laughter. Once dinner time got close we started to cook some delicous pasta with smoked salmon (here is the recipe.) After dinner we cozied up in the hot pool outside on the porch underneath our colorful light strand. Finally I got in to my pyjamas, lit a scented candle and made some hot coffee drinks which we drank in the sofa while listening to the sixth HP book.

How To Wear A Wrap Dress

I recently posted this where I wrote about the wrap blouse and how how to wear it. Wearing a wrap dress has pretty much the same options and then some. The very obvious difference is that you can wear the wrap dress as a dress; which you can’t with the blouse, but you can wear the dress as a blouse. In conclusion the wrap dress is more versatile and if you can’t decide which one to get maybe this will help.

Wrap Blouse VS Wrap Dress

Let’s compare the two and see which one suits you best based on what you prefer:

  • A wrap dress can be worn alone but a blouse can not (unless you want people to stare..)
  • Wearing the wrap blouse as it should be is easy but wearing the dress like a blouse means tying the ends together creating a voluminous knot. It’s also possible to tuck the dress into pants or a skirt but this might look bulky.
  • Wearing the dress like a kimono makes more of a statement than with the blouse. The blouse would look either like a bolero or a short kimono.
  • Wearing the dress half tucked in to a pair of jeans would make a very interesting outfit. Doing the same with a blouse would look more basic.

I hope this was helpful to you, in the future I might make a post with different ways to wear the kimono or wrap dress, how does that sound?

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