Creating Halloween Inspired Everyday Outfits


Yesterday was a special day, I bought the first pumpkin of the year. The reason why this is so special is because I love everything about fall. From the beautiful leaves on the ground and the trees, to anything with apples, hot drinks and candles. Other than that, I love the fall because it holds my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween.

Halloween is so much more than just scary things (although that’s my favorite part), it’s about being able to be someone or something else. It can be something you wanted to be as a kid and maybe still wish you could be a little bit, or even something you wish you were today. I see Halloween as an opportunity to go a little crazy, by trying out insane makeup, masks and clothes. It’s not just for children, if anything, it’s a time for adults to become children for a day. When is that ever accepted, if not on Halloween? Let go of all the stress, go with the flow and have fun!

Witchy Lookin’ At?

Which witch is which? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Moving on to what this blog is really about, let’s talk about my witchy outfit. I’ll admit I didn’t plan for this outfit to be all witch looking. I first thought of it when I remember I wanted my pumpkin as a prop in the background, then a little more when one of my cats walked in. I was originally inspired by a 70’s look and I also just got a new emerald green nail polish. With the covering black jeans and the turtleneck, green nails, big gold rings, pointed boots and red lips (and of course Mr. Pumpkin and my cat) it all ended up looking very witchy. I do wish that my other cat Spikey (whom I like to call Spooky during the Halloween season) would have made an appearance.

The Witch, The Cat And The Pumpkin

So let’s talk Halloween inspired outfits. You’ll need to figure out what the key ingredients are in the costume. Use this knowledge to decide what you can use in your everyday outfit. Use the same color, materials and prints, silhouettes and accessories. The easiest thing is to come up with your own look, like I did instead of getting inspired by a classic. In the end it all comes down to whether you own everything you need for your look. If I were to get inspired by a classic costume, my first choice would be Wednesday Addams.

I’ve got to say, I’m pretty pleased with my witchy look. This kind of outfit is perfect for Halloween if you don’t want to wear a costume. I like to think of it as a challenge, to interpret a Halloween costume into everyday wear.


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