DIY Fridays: Easy Sculpture Wire Earrings

Wire Earrings

I know I have made wire earrings before, and here I am again with more. The reason I love to make them is because you can shape them however you want (simple as that 🙂 ). It can be tricky to get them to look the way you want. Having good tools will make it so much easier, but any set of pliers will do the trick.

I have been seeing a lot of different jewelry recently with abstract shapes. I’m sure you have noticed earrings like these and these. They were harder to make than I thought, but I’ll keep trying 😉 For now I’m sticking to more basic shapes, but all three are inspired by Bjorg Jewelry.

Making Wire Earrings

Here is what I used to make these earrings:

  • Set of pliers
  • Wire (see what I chose from below)
  • Jump rings, ear hook wires and ear posts
  • Jewelry glue

Here are some pictures from the process:


These silver earrings are the only ones that are symmetrical. Making them look the same can be a little tricky, but if I can do it, so can you 🙂


To glue these copper colored wire earrings to the ear post I made coils in the same size as the posts, making sure it was flat and then I glued them together.


The gold wire earrings had a very similar process. The end of the wire I wrapped around at the top for neat finish.

If you like my wire earrings, you might like these spiral wire earrings that I made a while back.

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