Fall/Winter Lookbook: The Mesh Turtleneck

mesh turtleneck

The Mesh Turtleneck

Ever since I got my mesh turtleneck, I have been so inspired. It’s perfect as a base for a layered outfit and it can be worn under pretty much anything. If you are out of ideas for your mesh turtleneck, here are my absolute favorite ways to wear it:

  • One way that I haven’t tried out yet, is wearing it underneath a one shoulder top. This would also look good underneath any other turtleneck.
  • Keep it simple and wear it over or under a bustier.
  • Let the mesh collar peek from underneath a classic button down.
  • Add your favorite slip dress on top.
  • Go for a relaxed look by adding a kimono on top.

mesh turtleneck

The Mesh Turtleneck And The Wrap Dress

The first look was inspired by this look on Zara and I first saved this look because of the jeans. If you have read earlier posts, you know how much I love those jeans (check it out here and here.) I chose my mesh turtleneck instead of a t-shirt. Because I don’t own a floral kimono, I chose to layer my wrap dress on top. I paired the look with a pair of pumps, my monochromatic painted statement earrings and my new mesh/net bag with another bag in it. If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably seen this already 😉 .

mesh turtleneckmesh turtleneckmesh turtleneckmesh turtleneck

The Mesh Turtleneck And The Metallic Slip

Moving on to the second look. This is a great example of a layered look, with my metallic dress worn over my mesh turtleneck. I also wore black skinny jeans underneath the dress (and I half tucked the dress) which completes the layering. I wore my sock boots, a pair of gold earrings (read more about them here.) and finally, I added my black faux fur bag. Click here to see how I made the bag and here to see how I made the bag strap.

mesh turtleneckmesh turtleneckmesh turtleneck

Bonus*: The Pink Mesh Turtleneck

Here is a bonus outfit that I thought of while taking pictures. I actually ordered both of these turtlenecks from Aliexpress and so you can’t always be certain that the item will look like in the picture. Because they were extremely cheap, I decided to order both black and “flesh pink.” Of course, this “flesh pink” or nude as I like to call it, didn’t look at all like in the picture. In reality it was more of a salmon pink… (how weird is it that I’m eating salmon right now? looking at my salmon, it’s definitely the most accurate description of my turtleneck..) and I don’t usually look good in and warm shade of pink. Because of the price (and because I’m lazy) I decided to keep it.

mesh turtleneck

So I decided to challenge myself and I was able to think of this gorgeous outfit that I just love. I wore my pink mesh turtleneck underneath a black lace trim nightgown, yes nightgown. I wanted a nightgown for years and know that I have one, I realize it’s too pretty to only be worn at home. It looks a lot like a slip dress anyway, so it’s perfect. I tied a black skinny scarf at the waist, and I paired it with thigh high boots worn like slouch boots and a silver earring (see how I made it here.)

mesh turtleneckmesh turtleneck

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