DIY Fridays: Super Easy Drawstring Bag

Random Things

I know everybody says this, pretty much everywhere, but can you believe how fast the time passes? I could have sworn it was the beginning of December just yesterday. But the gathering of nail polishes on my dresser from my Ciaté calendar says otherwise. Or maybe I just cheated and opened them all at once.. I was certainly tempted, but I managed to contain myself. Since it’s 24 boxes I only have 2 left, oh well, I suppose I don’t need anymore than that…probably not…okay yes.

Let’s Get To It

Enough talk about random things, you probably came here to see how I made this gorgeous drawstring bag, didn’t you? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’m doing! But first thing’s first.

I saw a drawstring bag somewhere a while ago, I can’t remember where exactly, but that’s beside the point. The reason I was inspired to make my own drawstring bag, was because I have a feeling that it’s a coming trend 😉 …

To make this bag I used the items below (and also some basic things such as, pins, a safety pin and a sewing machine):

  • A pretty embellished fabric from this skirt (don’t worry, it’s just the hem that I cut off because it was too long)
  • A basic black chiffon fabric from another skirt..
  • Black thread
  • A 6 mm satin ribbon in black
  • At least one cat to sit on everything.

Here is how i made the bag step by step

1. I began by folding both fabric pieces and then cutting them roughly into rectangles.

drawstring bag

2. Next (I cut out a small piece in the middle part of the embellished fabric) I unfolded the fabric pieces and layered them. I had the mesh fabric go past the chiffon a little bit, you’ll see why later.

drawstring bag

3. After that I folded the fabric pieces so that it looked like in the picture below. The “ugly” side of the embellished mesh is facing the chiffon and the “pretty” side is facing the other side of the mesh.

drawstring bag

4. Then I pinned the edges and trimmed them for a more obvious rectangular shape.

drawstring bag

5. I used a straight seam to sew along the edges (I ended up doing it on all three sides.) Something worth mentioning is that I only sewed till the end of the chiffon, so the mesh have an opening on each side.

drawstring bag

6. When I felt satisfied I turned it inside out and by then it looked like this:

drawstring bag

7. Next I took my black satin ribbon and I cut a piece that was around 117 centimeters long.

drawstring bag

8. I took a safety pin and attached it to the end of the ribbon. Notice my pretty nail polish “Moondust” by Ciaté? I didn’t think so, you probably only saw the huge paws in the background..

And here he is again, showing off 😉

drawstring bag

9. Next I pulled the ribbon through the mesh fabric, where there already was an existing seam. Pretty smart right? Wait. There’s another cat…

drawstring bag

10. Finally, I tied the ends of the ribbon together and that was it.

drawstring bagdrawstring bag

Bag Plans

I’m planning to pair this beauty with the skirt in the same fabric on New Years eve. You’ll see the whole outfit then, so make sure to subscribe!

drawstring bag

In the pictures I paired my bag with black wide chiffon pants, a long asymmetric top and my new Zara boots which you may have seen already on Instagram. I paired this black and gold look with some berry shades in the form of nail polish, striped socks, bra, earrings and lipstick.

drawstring bagdrawstring bag

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