3 Different Ways To Wear Emerald Green


Emerald Green

I know that I have mentioned before that emerald green is one of my current favorite colors. I had to bring it up again by making three new outfits. For something extra I painted my nails in this very color with some black and green glitter on top. Keep scrolling for some inspiration…


Youtube Update

I recently downloaded Windows Movie Maker because I figured it might be easier than Shotcut. It definitely was and I finally understand the basics of making videos. I’ve never edited videos before, but I tried out the different things in the program using a test video. I feel pretty good about it and I can’t wait to start making videos. All I need now is a microphone (and some time alone..) and I should be ready to start creating.


Green Velvet

For my first outfit I chose my gorgeous green velvet dress with silver embroidery from Zara. I bought this before Christmas and I ended up wearing it on Christmas Day. Then, I wore it over my mesh turtleneck, but this time, I’m wearing it underneath my double zipper hoodie. I also pulled the dress up a bit and tied a sash at the waist to make it shorter (more about this another time.) I zipped up the hoodie a bit on both sides to show off the dress some more. For shoes I wore a pair of black thigh high boots that I let slide down a bit. I also added some oval glass stud earrings.


Green Mix

For the second outfit I went with an emerald green skirt from Pretty Little Thing. I paired it with a military green button up worn off the shoulders. And over the button up I tied a sash/skinny scarf in a crisscross over my chest. I love this idea and I will definitely be mentioning this again. I wore simple black tights, black sock boots and I also added my mesh bag.


Green Floral

For the third and last outfit I chose my emerald green floral wrap dress. On top of the dress I wore my favorite asymmetric top from Zara and I love the way this looks. When layering like this it’s important that everything is just right when it comes to length and silhouette. This worked out perfectly and I might even wear this some day. To tie the look together, I wore knee high socks and a pair of pointed pumps.


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