DIY: Mismatched Earrings Inspired by Marni

After reading this article on Elle I got really inspired and I decided to make this DIY inspired by these Marni earrings above. I am so happy with them and I love how they turned out.

Before getting started I just wanted to say that most of the main pieces are from old jewelry and might be difficult to find but I think the whole point of these earrings is for them to look unique. Also I forgot to add wire cutters to photo below.

Try out different designs until you’re happy with it and have fun!

Below are the things I used to make the earrings.

1. After deciding what I wanted the earrings to look like I started to add the pearls to pins and making loops at the end (If a piece would only be connected on one side I would use a pin with a head at the end, like the big one below.)

2. For the next piece I used a piece of plastic and placed the rhinestone and rhinestone chain the way I wanted them.

3. Then I cut the plastic in the shape I wanted it and I also cut away a piece to be able to use the hole in rhinestone.

4. Then I glued the pieces on to the plastic and while I waited for it to dry I moved on to the final step.

5. Finally I put all the pieces together mostly with the big gold jump rings (I used a small one in silver) and once the glue had dried I added that piece as well. That was it!

(keep the weight of the pieces in mind, I had to alter my design slightly because it was to heavy.)

If you don’t enjoy crafts like me you can always purchase two different pairs of earrings and wear together (Or maybe you already have some.)

Thanks for reading!


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