DIY: Floral Jeans

Embellished jeans are huge right now and these floral jeans are perfect for the spring. I am really into different ways to change up your simple jeans at the moment so don’t be surprised if I post another DIY involving jeans soon.

These patches I have cut out from an old dress but there a lot of places where you can find all kinds of patches, which you can either iron or sew on but as you can tell I chose the latter. An example of where to find patches is on Etsy .

I started by cutting off my jeans because they were too long, but also because I wanted to have fringed edge (which you can enhance by pulling strings or by washing them.)

Then I took my flower patches and placed them where I wanted them, adjust the patches by cutting if you like and then when you’re happy with it you can pin them in place. Then the only thing left is to sew the patches on, I used a green thread and I sewed roughly around the edges. If you want to you can do more neat seams but it really isn’t necessary. The important thing is that the patches stay on.

That’s it, you’re finished! I love how mine turned out and I can’t wait wear them!

Thanks for reading!


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