The Classic Striped Shirt

If there is anything I love it’s the shirt, specifically the blue and white striped shirt; because it always looks amazing. It’s classy, interesting and works really well when mixing prints, and the fact that stripes are a huge trend right now (I feel like it always is) is only one of many reasons two own one. Stripes (in these colors) are one of my favorites and it looks just as good on a shirt as it does on pants, dresses and even shoes (how about wearing them from head to toe?)

If you’re buying a new shirt during the spring this is the best option in my opinion (unless you don’t have a white one, that’s really all you need)

I paired my shirt from H&M with my new jeans from Asos, pumps from Vagabond and earrings from Pieces. Then I added a black string as a choker and my braided gold cuff.

Thanks for reading!


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