Tulle Dress Over Jeans (and a special guest)

Today while I was taking pictures I had some company; my cat Lizzie came in decided that she should be in the pictures. She is sweetest cat you can find and we all feel for her a little extra due to her blocked tear ducts and long hair (which has a tendency to tangle quite a lot)

Today I’m wearing my black skinny jeans and a basic body from Asos. I layered an old Forever 21 blouse over and then my tulle dress on top of that. I paired it with black booties, a tulle choker, gold earrings and rings.

Lizzie is wearing her usual white blouse underneath a black vest, black pants, white winter boots and white mittens.

This is what she likes to do when she doesn’t have a photo shoot to attend.

Enjoy your day!

-Frida and Lizzie

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