4 Outfits 4 Midi Skirts

The midi skirt is one of those trends that works throughout the year because if its length. Whenever it’s spring and it’s too cold to wear short skirts (and I’m not a fan of tights at this point because it sometimes makes me feel like it’s fall) it’s perfect to wear a midi skirt. Just throw on fishnet tights, booties and a short jacket and you’re good to go.

Personally whenever I’m wearing short skirts I feel a bit uncomfortable because I feel like I can’t move around the same way, not to mention that you need to think about keeping your legs together when you’re sitting. I also find that the skirt length in between mini and knee length looks a bit awkward on me. Because of these many reasons the midi skirt is my best friend because you can look gorgeous and feel comfortable at the same time.

To give you some extra inspiration I have created 4 outfits with 4 different midi skirts.

The Striped Flare Skirt

DSC_0097 (9)

This first midi skirt you’ve probably seen before, it’s my beautiful striped flare skirt from Shein and I am really excited to wear it in the summer as well. I paired this skirt with my long shirt from Noisy May which I tied at the waist using the back panel as well and I also wore it like an off shoulder top. For shoes I went with my favorite booties and I also added a choker.

DSC_0099 (8)DSC_0070 (11)

The Cream Skirt

DSC_0114 (9)

This second midi skirt is new and I can’t wear this until after my graduation (you may have seen this on my Instagram yesterday) it’s from Ted Baker but you can find it on Asos. I wore the skirt over a dress bought second hand and I paired it with slip ons and a choker. A pair of heels will look just as good if you prefer but I thought I’d show you how to wear it with flats.

DSC_0139 (6)DSC_0149 (4)

The Leather Skirt

DSC_0180 (3)

The third midi skirt is a faux leather skirt from Yoins. You’ll probably get more use out of this in the fall and winter but if it’s not to hot you can still wear it in the spring. I went for a simple look by layering the skirt over a dress again, I bought this dress on Forever 21 and it’s not just a dress with grommets; it used to have a lace up detail but I recently got bored of it and cut it off. For shoes I wore my v neck pumps from Yesstyle and I also added gold earrings from Lindex.

DSC_0174 (2)DSC_0168 (2)

The Ruffle Skirt

DSC_0034 (14)

The fourth midi skirt is one that I have had for many years, I got it after my grandma and I have loved it ever since. As you can see it’s asymmetrical which I love and the ruffle details are so beautiful. I paired it with this top that I bought second hand (underneath I’m wearing a cami) and a pair of open toe booties (they were originally white but I covered them in some fabric from an old blouse.) Finally I added my over sized silver pearl earrings.

DSC_0015 (14)DSC_0029 (13)

I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to comment, like and share and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Have a lovely day!