Earth Shades In The Heat

Yesterday and today has been two amazing days; we finally got a taste of summer and I feel so happy. Usually when it’s too cold I think of the most amazing outfits for warmer days so when they finally arrive I barely know which outfit to start with because I have so many ideas. Although the heat also means that I’ll have to consider whether it’s too hot to wear some of my pieces (an when it was cold I couldn’t wear them for that reason…) Whatever the temperature it seems there is always a problem…

Is it just me has this problem?

There are of course solutions and some of them (for both the heat and the cold) are:

  • Bring a jacket or cardigan, tie it around your waist if you don’t have a bag.
  • If you’re wearing jeans you could pair it with a dress either hanging as it is or tucking/half tucking it into your jeans, if it gets to hot just take of your jeans (the dress also helps to cover if you need to do this in public.)
  • Another option when wearing jeans is to bring a skirt or shorts in your bag (if you’re wearing shorts you could bring a pair of jeans).
  • Wear or bring tights.

I’m sure there are other solutions, feel free to share some in the comment section. If you like this post don’t forget to like and share with your friends!

DSC_0051 (16)

In today’s outfit I’m wearing a green button up dress from Topshop over a metallic skirt which I made out of a top. I paired it with my leopard pumps and gold jewelry.

DSC_0079 (12)DSC_0023 (15)DSC_0029 (16).JPG

Have a lovely day!