The Bomber and the Easy Trick

Today I used one of the smartest inventions when it comes to fashion; the safety pin. It’s amazing how something so small can do so much and I think that this outfit proves it. Sometimes I struggle a lot when making my outfits (I make them a day ahead and sometimes even earlier if I’m inspired) and the safety pin has saved me a lot of times. You know when you have an idea in your head of something that would look so good but when actually try it one it doesn’t look at all like you had in mind? Well in some cases a safety pin is all you need to make your piece of clothing look that way you wanted.

Today I’m wearing a bomber from Choies and I wrapped it a bit and pinned it at the top to create this almost Chinese looking collar (and if I’m correct this type of collar is going to be trending in the near future.) I love the way this looked and it really made all the difference. I’m wearing a basic top from Asos underneath and I paired it with my pants from Culture with a lot of gorgeous details. I added one earring from Pieces and one that I made recently, my favorite watch and a gold ring. Finally I added my favorite Oxfords from Dune which I bought in London several years ago (on sale might I add.)

Have a good Wednesday!


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