Trendy But Tricky: The Pyjamas

The Pyjamas

One of the trickiest trends this year is the pyjamas. Personally I love this trend but I have never really tried it out myself. I don’t own any sets that looks like a pyjamas but I do have a real pyjamas that I love. This is one of those trends that a lot of people don’t get, which is understandable. I just think there is something so fancy looking about a silky pyjamas. For me it’s a luxury to wear a pyjamas like the one I’m wearing today and I think it’s a shame that I only get to wear it at night. With all that said I have decided to give this trend a try, starting with this leopard printed set.

What Pyjama Inspired Pieces Should I Get?

This is the question I’m asking myself right now. When I think about it I definitely see something silky with floral print possibly in a silhouette like my pyjamas. Yet another reason I love this trend is because it is a set that you can either wear together or with something else. If you don’t want an entire pyjama outfit there are other options, like:

  • Lace camisoles in satin or silk
  • A kimono with a sash belt
  • A button up blouse like my pyjama blouse
  • Pants like my pyjama pants
  • A nightgown or a slip
  • Mules in satin with feather trim or brocade
  • A satin or silk robe
  • Satin or silk shorts with lace detail

Wearing Pyjama Inspired Pieces

If you ask me the easiest way to make an entire pyjama set work is by adding a pair of heels. They don’t need to be sky high. If I needed a pair with a lower heel I would go with my Zara slingback pumps. If you’re simply wearing a robe or kimono over let’s say jeans and a cami you could mix styles by adding sneakers. Noticed how I half tucked my blouse into the pants? It looks less sloppy this way which it easily does with a pyjamas. Another thing to think about is to add jewelry to dress up the outfit even further. When it comes to hair and makeup; keep it simple but elegant. If I wasn’t loving my hair so much right now I would have done a sleek bun. If you want you can go with a red lipstick as well (I totally should have done that..)

Some Links

By the way here is a dreamy white pyjama set and they also have it in pink. Here is a beautiful robe and a pair of gorgeous mules.

The faux fur bag in the pictures I made a while back in this post but I recently added this gold metal handle. Here is the DIY for my feather hoop earrings as well.

If you want a pyjama set but don’t feel comfortable wearing it out, just wear it at home when you need some luxury 😉 .

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