DIY Fridays: Monochromatic Painted Earrings

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Monochromatic Painted Earrings

Today I’m going to showing you how to make these white monochromatic painted earrings step by step. You can paint your earrings any color you like using either acrylic paint like I ended up doing or nail polish which gives a more glossy finish.

I started to paint with this white nail polish in the picture but I didn’t like the way it looked so I used white acrylic paint, which I painted on with my fingers to avoid too much texture. The pieces I used for my earrings came from old cheap jewelry from Asos, H&M and Forever 21.

DSC_0006 (12)

I started by adding the eye pins to the stud pieces (if you want you can use wire) and what’s so great is that you can use pieces that are tarnished because those will be covered up anyway.

I also added eye pins to the bottom of the stud pieces which I forgot at first and then I connected all the pieces using (tarnished) jump rings.

DSC_0013 (14)
DSC_0014 (14)


Then I moved on to painting and I did need a couple of layers to cover everything, I used a clear nail polish to seal the paint (I noticed that the nail polish caused discoloration, so I recommend using a acrylic paint sealer if necessary. I added more paint to cover the discoloration and that was enough to solve the problem) and I also painted roughly at the back.

DSC_0017 (13)
DSC_0018 (12)
DSC_0022 (12)

That was it! So much fun to make and they look so cool. If you already have a pair of earrings you can paint those instead but because I have a lot of pieces from old jewelry I decided to reuse them.

DSC_0055 (11)

DSC_0032 (13)

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