Treat Your Legs In The Cold: Updated Tights


Tights: Yes or No?

I like tights, they’re necessary (where I live anyway) and they come in different thicknesses, colors and appearances. But I’m also gonna be honest and say that a part of me hate tights because, they’re so darn uncomfortable (against my skin anyway.) Either way, I think they look good and some are soft and cozy at first, and then the itch begins..


Two Tights, Two Outfits

The itch aside, I love my new tights from Topshop. I ended up making two outfits and I’m really happy with it. I wore my rhinestone tights underneath a pair of culottes (with slits) and the other pair with text, I wore underneath a skirt.


Culottes And Rhinestone Tights

First up is my rhinestone tights and I wore those underneath my culottes from Zara. I paired it with an Iron Maiden T-shirt and my red pointed booties. For jewelry I chose a simple velvet choker, black stud earrings and gold bangles. The tights, I had originally planned to wear on Christmas, but unfortunately, I didn’t order them in time.


Skirt And Text Tights

These “No Promises” tights are so gorgeous and I love them so much. I paired them with my emerald green skirt and my sarcastic T-shirt. I also added my new purple earrings from Topshop for an unexpected twist. For shoes I chose my favorite sock boots from Office.


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